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About the college

During the British rule, when educational institutions were very few, especially so in the rural areas, Gurukul Matindu was established in 1915, with a vision of imparting Vedic education and highlighting the importance of independence to the youth. During the non-corporation movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi, when even Government educational institutions were boycotted, the Gurukuls were the mainstay for providing education to the Trust. Shiksha Parishad Gurukul Matindu has rendered yeoman’s service in the field of education for approximately a century. The Trust has resolved to continue with its objectives in the educational field, keeping pace with the requirements of the time and modernization. Therefore, it has been planned to get into a higher educational field, by starting B.Ed. course from the earlier curriculum of secondary education.

Objectives of the Trust are :-

  • Spread ancient and modern education.
  • Arrange to impart instructions in rural agricultural professions with special attention to cow protection and breeding.
  • Giving due importance to Unification of the Nation, secularism and Panchayati Raj.
  • Establishing library, providing facilities for publications and craftsmen training.