Vision & Mission
Shiv Karan College of Education is nurturing students on value based education of the following main components.
  • Quality Education
  • Human Values
  • Work Culture
  • Discipline
  • Personality Development
  • Team Work
At Shiv Karan College of Education we are committed to provide and continuously improve the healthy learning environment and supporting facilities for the students to achieve academic excellence for better employment.

Our Vision:
We envisage our students to
  • Imbibe right attitudes, values, ideals and ideologies.
  • Achieve academic excellence through hard work, critical thinking and effective decision making.
  • Facilitate learning among their pupils through appropriate skill and methodologies.
  • Exercise responsible leadership in the total formation of their pupils.
  • Render selfness service to the community.

Our Mission:
Shiv Karan College Of Education of India is a non-profitable society. The philanthropist objective of the society is to serve the society by imparting quality education through modern techniques of Scientific and technological era.

Our mission is to strive to provide
  • Intellectually well developed,
  • Socially responsible,
  • Morally upright,
  • Spiritually oriented-Citizens for India.
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