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Future of any nation is made in the classrooms of the educational institution. Education plays most important role in nation building. Teachers are the backbone of any educational set up. Parents and teachers play most important role in the lives of students. Indian Society places the teachers in very high pedestal and calls them Guru. It is said “GURU BARMHA, GURU VISHNU, GURU DEVO MAHESHWARA, GURU SHAKSHAT PARAM BARMHA, TASMAI SHREE GURU VE NAMAH:” Teachers act as role models for students. Students regard the teachers immensely and remember them though out their lives. Teaching is an art and a trained teacher is likely to impart instructions in a much better manner than an untrained teacher . Considering the importance of education and responsibility of teachers in the field, the Shiksha Parishad, Gurukul Matindu, in conformity of its objectives, had decided to run the teachers training course (B.Ed.) with effect from session 2007-08. The location of Gurukul Matindu being in rural area and in open fields, on the banks of a canal, provide an ideal environment for this educational activity. I am sure everyone participating in the course will enjoy and pass out as a most responsible teacher, which is the need of the hour.

Brigadier Satya Dev